the "best friend" fight

so i had a best friend and she turned out to br a backstabbing bitch. words were exchanged and it got pretty bad. she told me i need counciling because i am submissive and talking to my daddy dom. now obviously i am a little girl submissive which means i like older men. she has been in counciling for a few years now because her mom has screwed up all of her children including my former best friend. so i found it amuzing that she told me i need counciling when she is in counciling. now granted i may need counciling but i dont think i need counciling because i am a submissive. she also stole my old key to my house and wont give it back. i dont understand why she wants a key to my house. we arent talking now so there is no reason for her to keep it. i asked her sister to get it back for me and she says her sister claims she threw it away but she also said she doesnt think her sister truly did throw it away.

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